Playing a Video

Click a video's thumbnail to play the video. Options from the view page include the following:

Option Description
Full screen Toggles between full screen and normal view.
Presentation layouts If the video includes a presentation, clicking the layout button cycles through the following available layouts:

  • Main video or presentation appears as the larger video image, with the other image as a thumbnail.
  • Main video and presentation appear side by side at the same size.
  • Main video or presentation only.
Closed captions If captions have been added to the video, use the CC button to turn captions on and off. Hover over the button to view a list of available caption languages.
Stream options Point to the settings icon and choose from the following options:

  • If available,  the various bit rates in which the video is offered.
  • Audio only.
Viewing video statistics Right-click the video and use the option in the menu to turn statistics on and off.
Selecting a chapter If chapters have been added to the video, clicking a chapter title advances the video directly to that point.
Embedding and sharing the video Allows you to copy code to embed the video into a web site. You can also copy the link to the video to allow recipients to view the video from the server. To share a private video without requiring logging in to the server, select the video link that does not require login authentication.
Downloading a video If enabled, allows you to download the video to your computer.

One recording may be stored in multiple video files. Long recordings are stored as a series of videos, each no longer than an hour in length. A presentation is stored as a separate file. Recordings can also have multiple files if the resolution changes during recording, with each file maintaining a constant resolution.

Download the archive to include all associated files. You can then upload this archive to a different LifeSize UVC Video Center server. (The LifeSize UVC Video Center server must support archive uploads.)

Comments If enabled, comments appear below the video player. All users can read comments to public videos, but you must be logged in to post a comment. You can delete your own comments, but not another user's comments (unless you own the video). Administrators can delete any comment.

If you are logged in, you can edit video properties.