LifeSize UVC Video Center includes four user types.

User Access
Anonymous Users Anonymous users either have not logged in or do not have a user account. They can view public videos (videos that have not been restricted to specific users or groups), but cannot post comments.
Registered Users Once logged in, registered users can watch all videos to which they have been granted permission and can post comments. Registered users cannot create recording keys or own content.
Content Creators Once logged in, content creators can own videos and recording keys; create recordings with existing keys; and upload videos. Administrators grant users access to the Manage tab by selecting Recording when setting up or editing the user account (from LifeSize UVC Platform). Administrators grant permission to publish live and recorded content to another federated LifeSize UVC Video Center by selecting Content subscription when managing the user account.

If the Allow users to create recording keys global permission is selected, content creators may also create recording keys.

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Administrators Once logged in, administrators have the same access as the LifeSize UVC Video Center administrator account, and must be trusted users. In large organizations, multiple administrators may be the most efficient distribution of labor.

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Content Creators

Managing Your Videos and Recording Keys

If your administrator has given you permission to create videos, you have access to the Manage tab when you log in. Clicking Manage opens the Dashboard, which organizes information as follows:

Option Description
My Videos Recent videos that you own. Comments, if any, appear below the video thumbnails.

You can view all of your videos by clicking My Videos in the navigation bar or View all.

My Profile Your user information, including name, groups to which you belong, and the number of video recordings you own.

You can also access your profile by clicking My Profile in the navigation bar or by clicking your name at the top of the page. If your account is locally managed, you can change your password.

Recordings in Progress A list of your recordings, if any, that are in progress. Click the recording's link to view statistics including resolution and packet loss. You may also terminate the recording from the statistics page.
Recording Keys A list of the recording keys, if any, that you own. A recording key is a number of up to 10 digits required to start recording or streaming.

Click More (or My Recording Keys in the navigation bar) to display more information about each key. From this page, you may edit or delete the key, and if you have permission, you may create a new recording key.

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Video Uploads in Progress A list of video uploads, if any, that you initiated to another Video Center.


Managing LifeSize UVC Video Center

If you are an administrator, you have access to the Administer tab when you log in. Clicking Administer opens the Content Management page, which organizes information as follows:

Option Description
Content Management Categorize video recordings by adding and editing channels.
Set global permissions.
Set global recording properties.
Manage the recording process through recording keys.
Manage video recordings by editing video properties.
Storage Display disk usage.

Select Administer > Operations and Maintenance to view server logs and enter maintenance mode.

Select Administer > System Settings to do the following:

  • Define bandwidth limits.
  • Configure network attached storage.
  • Define a custom logo and favicon; and specify a custom login page message and page footer text.

Select Administer > System Status to monitor disk and port usage and display streaming, recording, transcoding, and uploading activity.

NOTE: Refer to the LifeSize UVC Video Center Deployment Guide for more information about administrator functions.