Multicast allows LifeSize UVC Video Center to stream video to a single multicast address to which multiple networks can subscribe. Administrators configure multicast in Administer > Content Management > Multicast configuration – Edit.

Option Description
Multicast IP address One or more multicast addresses that LifeSize UVC Video Center can use for multicasting. LifeSize UVC Video Center selects one multicast IP address and streams video to that address. Clients subscribe to the multicast IP address to receive the stream.
Port range Range of ports that are available to the specified multicast IP addresses.
TTL Time to live (TTL) for the multicast packets.
Client addresses List of network IP addresses that are capable of receiving a multicast stream. A client address must be a unicast address. Clients in other networks receive the unicast version of the stream.

NOTE: You must install the QuickTime player to view a multicast stream.