Dial Out and Dial In Recording

Dial in and dial out calling allows you to initiate recordings on LifeSize UVC Video Center from or to video devices that do not support streaming and recording. Using this method sets up a SIP call and starts the recording. LifeSize UVC Video Center inserts key frames to enable seeking, allowing viewers to locate a specific section of the video more quickly.

For multiway calls with three or more participants (including LifeSize UVC Video Center), the SIP call between LifeSize UVC  Video Center and the video system that initiates the recording appears in the video system layout as a call participant and is embedded in the video recording. In two-way calls (including LifeSize UVC Video Center), the recorded stream does not display LifeSize UVC Video Center as a call participant.

Because dial out and dial in recording requires LifeSize UVC Video Center to perform additional processing, LifeSize recommends that you use dial out and dial in recording only if the video system does not support recording and streaming to LifeSize UVC Video Center.

For a list of systems that support streaming and recording and a list of systems that support dial out and dial in recording, refer to the release notes for LifeSize UVC Video Center at lifesize.com/support.

Dial In Recording

Use one of the following dial strings (where <UVC Video Center> is the IP address or hostname) to initiate a dial in recording:

  • sip@<UVC Video Center>
    At the prompt, select Record, and enter a recording key.
  • sip:record@<UVC Video Center>
    At the prompt enter a recording key.
  • sip:record:<recordingkey>@<UVC Video Center>
    The recording begins using the specified recording key directly.

Dial Out Recording

Users (with permission to record) and administrators can record directly from LifeSize UVC Video Center.

  1. Select Manage > Dashboard (or My Videos> Record Video.
  2. Specify the IP address or SIP URL of a video system that can stream H.264 video and G.711 audio.
  3. Enter a name for the recording.  Additional optional properties include recording key options. You can enter a recording key you own to specify these properties for the dial out recording.
  4. Click Call.

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