Configuring LifeSize Systems to Record

Compatible LifeSize video systems can initiate a recording to LifeSize UVC Video Center. Refer to the release notes for LifeSize UVC Video Center for a list of compatible LifeSize systems.

By default, the recording capability on the video system is disabled. To enable recording, complete these steps:

  1. On the LifeSize video system, navigate to Administrator Preferences > Video > Record and Stream.
  2. Set Recorder to Enabled.
  3. In Recorder Hostname, enter the IP or DNS address of the server to which you want to record. In most cases, you can leave Recorder Port set to 443.  If your network uses NAT with port forwarding rules that remap port 443 between the video system and the server, Recorder Port must reflect the remapped port number.
  4. To provide a default key to use for server authorization for all recordings from this system, enter it in Recording Key. Otherwise, users will be prompted to enter a key for each recording.
  5. To automatically, record all calls, enable Auto Record.
  6. Set Default Recording Layout to All Callers, Near Video Only, or Far Video Only.