Enabling the Blank Recording Key

Instead of requiring a recording key to start recording, administrators can enable an empty key that allows a user to simply press OK on the remote control when prompted for a recording key. This setting provides the least restrictive use of recording, because users are not required to know the recording key.

Administrators enable the blank recording key:

  1. Select Administer > Content Management > Recording keys - Edit. The page displays the status: The blank recording key is disabled.
  2. Click Edit.
  3. Select Enable.
  4. Specify additional desired settings as you would when adding a recording key. All videos created with the blank recording key are tagged with the information you provide. The titles for each video differ only by the timestamps. For a distinctive name, description, set of tags, and user permissions, the video owner must edit the properties of each video.
  5. Click Save Blank Key Settings.

With the blank recording key enabled, you can continue to define and use recording keys with numeric values.

TIP: After recording a video with a blank key, edit the video's properties to help users find the video more easily.