Viewing a Video's Statistics

Administrators and video owners can display the following information about a video:

  • Total number of times the video was viewed.
  • Number of views by date.
  • Number of views by segment of the video.
  • Number of views by segment of the video for the most recent 10 viewers.
  • Viewer summary data, including the username, name, date, and percentage of the video viewed. This information is available to download in CSV format. Administrators manage permission for content creators to generate viewer summary data at Administer > Content Management > Global authorization properties.
  • If the video was streamed live, you can view the live telecast statistics and generate a report showing who watched the telecast, when they joined, and when they left.

NOTE: Downloaded viewer summary data does not include data for anonymous users. Because the total view count includes anonymous users, the total can be higher than the number of rows in the viewer summary.

View a video's statistics as follows:

  1. Access the video's view page.
    Administrators select Administer > Content Management > Videos - Edit and click View for the desired video.
    Content owners select Manage > Dashboard (or My Videos) and click the video's thumbnail.
  2. Click View statistics.

NOTE: Zoom in to a section of Views by Date by dragging your cursor over the desired section of the Zoom In image. Return to the full view by clicking Zoom out.