Editing Video Properties

You can only edit details of videos you have permission to edit, either by owning them or being an administrator.

A video's properties are initially populated with details you associated with the recording key you used to record this video. If that key is used for a series of recordings, the name, description, and tags might be generic to the series.

TIP: Edit these fields after the video has been recorded to make them more specific to the video.

Search Videos parses text in these fields and in captions to match the search string entered, so these fields should accurately describe the video for the user. For example, if the series is a collection of weekly lectures for Chemistry 101, update the description of each video to list the specific topics covered in that lecture.

To edit a video's properties, access the video's view page :

  • Administrators select Administer > Content Management > Videos - Edit and click View for the desired video.
  • Content owners select Manage > My Videos and click the video's thumbnail.

Click Edit properties to complete the following tasks:

  • Edit the video’s name, tags, and description. Make these sections specific to the video to simplify searching for the video.
  • Administrators only: Assign a new owner.
  • Assign the video to a different channel.
  • Specify who can view the video.
  • Embed and share the video.
  • Allow commenting. This option only appears if commenting is configured globally. If you clear this option, existing comments are displayed.
  • Allow download. This option only appears if downloading is configured globally.
  • Manage video formats.
  • Delete the video.