Downloading a Video from Video Center

When enabled, all users can download a video to their computer by clicking Download videos from the video's view page. Access the video's view page in one of the following ways:

  • Select Watch > Home (or Recent Videos or Featured Videos) and click the video's thumbnail.
  • Content owners select Manage > Dashboard (or My Videos) and click the video's thumbnail.
  • Administrators select Administer > Content Management > Videos - Edit and click View for the desired video.

One recording may be stored in multiple video files. Long recordings are stored as a series of videos, each no longer than an hour in length. A presentation is stored as a separate file. Recordings can also have multiple files if the resolution changes during recording, with each file maintaining a constant resolution. Click the desired file that you wish to download.

Click Download archive to include all associated files in ZIP format.

NOTE: Administrators and content owners can upload the archive to any LifeSize UVC Video Center that supports uploading an archive.